Monday, February 17, 2014

My New Brother

My new brother Harley
Sparky here. I guess it is time to introduce you to my new step brother. His name is Harley, and the mamas brought him home one day last year as a puppy. The mamas say he is so cute. Sigh. I just don't see it, but they insist that he is cute.

He is a German Shepherd mixed with something else that made him have short legs. I guess he does have a fairly cute face for a German Shepherd. He tried to take over my bed, but I told him no way or his face would not be cute anymore. I also told him the blonde mama is mine so stay away when she is with me. Other than that he is OK...sometimes. I save him some of my supper so he can have a snack before he goes to bed. In return he lets me chew on some of his rawhides. He has a million of them and a million toys too. I never saw a dog with so many toys. Kids these days!

Anyway, here is my newest brother Harley, and I will let him write to you as soon as he learns to read and write. Honestly. kids these days!

A true Canadian dog.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Day of The Big Hole

Today was a busy day around the homestead, and I'm nearly worn out! But before I lay down for a nap, let me tell you what I did today.
The dark-haired mama got it into her head that she wanted to dig a big hole today. Why, I was never able to figure out, but she wanted a hole dug, so we dug! Here's what it looked like when we went outside..

There was a lot of grunting and lifting, lots of bees and other flying bugs but finally they let me help.

It took hours but finally we stopped for break, which was a good thing because I was tired! I convinced them to sit in the shade, and promised them I would keep watch for any dirt-stealing monsters. They gave in and we rested some.

There was more lifting, grunting and something called a wheelbarrow involved. Finally, they declared us done for the day when it looked like this...

I'm exhausted! I'm going to bed now to dream about doggie cookies.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Scary Night Monsters

I have to tell you about my scary walk last night. As many of you know, my family and I have moved waaaay out into the country where there are no street lights or houses close together so it gets very dark after the sun goes down. Last night I had to go to the bathroom one last time before bed. Now my bathroom is not in the house like my human family. I have to go outside. I've never quite understood why they can go inside but I have to go out with the bugs and things, but that is what my mamas insist on. Anyway, it was late at night and very dark outside. The blonde mama took me out the back door and put me on the ground. It was very dark. I looked toward the front yard and froze. The big dog who lives across the road started barking. The dog that lived down the road started howling. Then the dog that lived down the other end of the road started howling. There was something out there they said. Beware! I froze. I looked back at the mama. She didn't seem to be concerned but obviously, being human, she doesn't have the powerful senses that we dogs do. My other mama came outside and wanted to know why I looked scared. I tried to tell her there was a monster close by but she didn't listen either. I had to walk to the back door and refuse to go anywhere else. Finally the mamas figured out that the other dogs were telling me to beware of monsters in the dark and they took me back inside. I heard one mama say something about maybe a bear was in the woods near the house because they had seen what looked like bear droppings in the road earlier that day. BEAR!?! Sounds like a monster to me. My mamas really need to learn to speak chihuahua...soon!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Walk and a Fan Club

I had an adventure yesterday, I just HAD to share with you! Sometime yesterday afternoon, my Mommas decided they wanted to go for a walk, and somehow I got roped into going along. (I think they wanted me to protect them from the big white dog down the road, they were just too afraid to admit it) So I went with them. I stopped and sniffed the yellow flowers I like, I am a nature-lovin' kind of a guy after all. I wanted to go in the school yard, but they said no. I wanted to check out those big black birds, but the protector Momma said it wasn't a good idea since they could kick my butt. She's taller than me, so I figure she knew best.

When we got to a big red building, the dark-haired Momma handed my leash to the blonde Momma, and then went inside the big red building! She just stepped into it like it wasn't eating her! She's one brave Momma, let me tell you! Anyway, a little while later, it spit her out, and she had good smelling stuff with her. They sat on a bench, the dark haired Momma took me on her lap and then a nice lady came up to me with a dog cookie! I'd never met this woman before, but she was making sounds about how handsome I am and what a good boy I was. I wanted to say, 'well, yeah! of course I am!', but I just ate the cookie all up to show her how much I approved of her. Then another lady who was sitting beside her brought me crunchy treats. They were so yummy and salty, I had to eat them all up too! Before I could swallow that, another lady came over to pet me and told me how handsome I was. Friends, I felt famous! I had all these women around me dropping food and coming over to give me was great!

It was getting really windy though, and I don't like wind. My eyes stick out a little, so it kinda bothers me. One of my new friends told the dark haired Momma I needed a sweater, so of course, my Mommas HAD to tell everyone about the time they tried to make me wear clothes... sheesh! How embarrassing!  Oh well, at least the Momma put her sweater over me, which kept me warmer. I felt better. Under the bench we were sitting on, there was a big bowl of water that they let me drink from. This was a pretty neat place! Treats, new friends that recognize my charm and good looks, AND a bowl of water for us dogs...I liked this! My Mommas called it Searchmont Trading Post, but I'll always think fondly of it as the place where I found a fan club.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm A Country Dog Now!

I have so much to report that my paws might be worn to nubs before I'm done, but here goes!
First, I'm an only fur-child brother went to the big field in the sky back in the winter. Well, he's kinda still here, but I just can't smell him anymore. I still see him a lot though, and I think the Mamas know he's here too. Sure wish he was more here to enjoy all this new stuff.

The Mamas moved us all up here to the country a little while ago, even the young Alphas! What an adventure it's been! All these new smells and things to see! There's these things up here I've never seen before with big long ears, and they're brown and one is pretty big, and one is smaller than me. They don't run away when I come outside, so I guess they're okay. There's these little red things with long tails that chatter like mad when I go outside. I don't understand them, but they always sound kinda peeved. I can hear other dogs every now and then, and sometimes when the Mamas take me for a walk, they run out on the road to see who I am. I really don't think it's fair that they can run free and I can't. The blonde Mama keeps saying something about "road sense", and how I don't have any, but I'm sure she doesn't mean it.

I have a new Nana-person. She is the dark-haired Mama's mama. She likes to share her food with me, and I keep telling her I am happy to help her eat. I have a new Papa-person too! I have to help him eat all of his food too. I eat so much some days I can't eat my soft food in my bowl!

They have a funny house, it has these tall things that go down, but they're too steep for my short legs. I have no idea what they are, but my Mamas groan every time they go up or down. and since we sleep down...they groan a lot! The house has a wall that I can jump through too! It has things called magnets that keep the bugs out, but I can jump through it out to the screen room, or inside to the food room. I don't like jumping inside, but if there's food...look out! But only one wall has that, other walls have tall things to keep bugs out. I tried to jump through one, but I only got a headache! So many new things to learn here...

Well, I'm pretty tired now, the Mamas wouldn't let me have my nap this morning. They had me out in the screen-room guarding this morning. There was a man in a hat out in the yard that I kept telling to go away. I don't think he spoke Chihuahua... But I don't like hats. He sounded like my Papa-person, but my Papa-person doesn't wear a hat... I don't think so anyway....

But my paws are pretty sore, so I'm going to bed now. We country dogs need a lot of sleep you know!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Rest in Peace
Dec. 17, 2011
The Best Beagle Ever!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year from Freckles and Sparky!

May 2009 be filled with all things wonderful like naps in the sun, doggie biscuits and long walks in the park with your favorite Alphas!